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zvonimir mihanovic
The art of Zvonimir Mihanovic draws inspiration from the picturesque harbors, marine vistas and small villages scattered along the Dalmatian coast of the Adriatic Sea. Born in 1946 near Split, Croatia, Zvonimir Mihanovic studied art for many years in his native land and then continued his studies in Italy and France. He has achieved worldwide fame for his paintings, which present a realism of tranquility.

Zvonimir Mihanovic exceptional talent was recognized early. In 1966 his work was exhibited in the Croatian Pavilion at the Atlanta Summer Olympics. The following year he was honored by U.N.E.S.C.O., in Paris, with an exhibition of his work as part of the celebration of the cultural history of his beloved city, Split. That same year he was awarded the highest cultural honor that his country can bestow, the Order of the Morning Star. In 1978, he was awarded the grand prize of the prestigious Salon d'Automne in Paris.

Zvonimir Mihanovic has had numerous one-man exhibitions of his work in the United States, including New York, Chicago, Palm Beach, Aspen and Los Angeles. The Museum of Modern Art, Zagreb, and other European museums possess his works, as do collectors in Europe, Latin America and the United States. In further recognition and appreciation of his talent, his native country Croatia has issued postage stamps, which carry his beautiful images throughout the world.

"After A Quiet Night" by zvonimir mihanovic "After A Quiet Night"

Oil on Linen

"Always Ready" by zvonimir mihanovic "Always Ready"

Oil on Linen

"Country Pier" by zvonimir mihanovic "Country Pier"


"Family Fishing Village" by zvonimir mihanovic "Family Fishing Village"

Oil on Canvas

"Morning Mist" by zvonimir mihanovic "Morning Mist"


"Morning Rendezvous" by zvonimir mihanovic "Morning Rendezvous"


"My Grandfather's Delight" by zvonimir mihanovic "My Grandfather's Delight"

Oil on Linen

"Protected From The Sea" by zvonimir mihanovic "Protected From The Sea"

Oil on Linen

"Siesta In The Fishing Village" by zvonimir mihanovic "Siesta In The Fishing Village"

Oil on Linen

"Village At Sunrise" by zvonimir mihanovic "Village At Sunrise"


"Village Fish Market" by zvonimir mihanovic "Village Fish Market"

Oil on Linen