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william glen crooks
Incorporating a seamless network of influences, garnered from his study of Art History, William Glen Crooks portrays the world around him in a strictly personal and contemporary manner.

For the last fifteen years, William Glen Crooks has been a painter of the American landscape; landscapes depicted by the rural vistas and suburban structures that he witnesses on a day to day basis. These scenes are not grandly romanticized, but instead reveal an intimacy and vitality in what might otherwise be described as mundane.

A hidden grandeur in the everyday subjects is uncovered through William Glen Crook’s deft application of color and light. It is a manner similar to that of Edward Hoper, who dramatized local scenes of ordinary description, through his use of light and shadows. The remarkable radiance in William Glen Crook’s work references renown for creating sublime abstractions through color modulation.

William Glen Crooks’ work finds a distinct balance in contemporary art, by synthesizing such extreme poles as minimalism and photorealism. By integrating his life’s experiences, William Glen Crooks has created unique visions of a distinctly American reality.

"Head in the Clouds" by william glen crooks "Head in the Clouds"

Oil on Canvas

"High Noon in Napa" by william glen crooks "High Noon in Napa"

Oil on Canvas

"Lovely, Dark and Deep" by william glen crooks "Lovely, Dark and Deep"

Oil on Canvas

"Meadowlark" by william glen crooks "Meadowlark"

Oil on Canvas