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leon bronstein
Leon Bronstein has held a life of adventure that has taken him from the country of his birth in Moldavia to the land of Israel. An engineer and watchmaker by training, Leon Bronstein’s vivid and active imagination ripened and evolved as he sought freedom with his family away from the constraint of the familiar culture of his birth.

It was the beautiful grain of olivewood at a woodshop near the city of Caesarea that the sculptor first fashioned a small sculpture that had such immediate appeal to the shopkeeper that his new direction was charted. The year was 1979 and Leon Bronstein could not find a job as an engineer or watchmaker, he needed employment. He had worked with tools and had molded clay and worked with wood as a child. Discovery was an innate talent that found its bearing in his art.

Leon Bronstein’s work shares a strong affinity with the great English sculptors of this century, Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth. In the semi-abstract bronze figures of Leon Bronstein, the mass of the material is diminished as he continues the innovative idea of piercing matter to reveal the surrounding space. Leon Bronstein’s figures express the flow of natural curvilinear shapes in a “neo-art nouveau” manner.

"Flying Woman" by leon bronstein "Flying Woman"


"I Am So Proud To Know That You Are Mine Are Mine" by leon bronstein "I Am So Proud To Know That You Are Mine Are Mine"


"Looking For Deep Water" by leon bronstein "Looking For Deep Water"


"My Folks and I" by leon bronstein "My Folks and I"


"So Come On and Let Me Know..." by leon bronstein "So Come On and Let Me Know..."


"The Swing" by leon bronstein "The Swing"


"Torso" by leon bronstein "Torso"