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dmitri danish
Dmitri Danish was born in Kharkiv, Ukraine, in 1966. His artistic talent became evident very early. His mother, an artist herself, discovered Dmitri's gift and began cultivating it. At age 5, Dmitri began taking professional lessons and could paint in a wide variety of styles. At age 13 he was accepted into a gifted children's art school in Kharkiv, and by age 15 he was enrolled at the Kharkiv State Art College.
After graduating college in 1986, Dmitri took up teaching art and realized that this did not suit him. He wanted to paint. After his service in the army, he entered the department of Fine Art at the Kharkiv States Polytechnic University and was finally painting for a living.
Early on, Dmitri Danish developed a love for cityscapes. Although not well traveled, he found it exciting to paint the cities he heard and read about, and found special fascination with the doors and windows, which seemed like portals to the places in his imagination. After two years he became a member of the Union of Ukrainian Artists and began to exhibit his work throughout Eastern Europe. The Kharkiv State Museum of Fine Art presented a solo exhibition of his works entitled “Cities and Mountains” and added pieces to their permanent collection. The New Jersey Museum of Modern Art purchased his works, followed by the Ukrainian government presenting a piece to the outgoing ambassador of the U.S. In 2005 he made his first trip to the United States for several one-man shows on both the east and west coast.

"Early Morning" by dmitri danish "Early Morning"

Oil on Canvas

"Rainy Day" by dmitri danish "Rainy Day"

Oil on Canvas